NM 14 (Cerrillos Road) Roadway Improvements

Between St. Michaels Drive (Milepost 52.0) and St. Francis Drive (Milepost 53.7)
NMDOT Control No. S100681 and S100682

Public Involvement

Phase I-A Public Involvement

During Phase A, alternatives were developed with a suite of ten typical sections that screened two alternatives that included either a 4-ft bike lane or a 5-ft bike lane. Public and business owner meetings were held in July of 2021. During the meetings, study team members provided an overview of existing conditions and introduced preliminary alternatives under consideration.  Approximately 55 attendees were present at both the public and business owner meetings, and the recorded public meeting event hosted on July 21, 2022, was viewed by 26 unique viewers.  A Metro Quest Survey, an interactive online survey, was also offered to get additional feedback from the community.  

All comments received through the Metro Quest survey, during the meeting, phone calls, and emails were shared with the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization staff.  A summary was developed from responses prepared.

Design Considerations include:

  • Limited Highway Right-of-Way (80-ft)
  • Utility Conflicts with Sidewalks
  • Multiple Buildings Located at Edge of Right-of-way
  • Multiple Historically Sensitive Properties

July 2021 Public & Business Owner Meetings



Public Meeting #1 – Video Recording (English)
July 21, 2021

Public Meeting #1 – Video Recording (Español)
July 21, 2021

Public Outreach and Comment Summary
December 2021

MetroQuest Survey 2021 Results




Note: survey was offered to get feedback from the community.

MetroQuest Survey Priority Ranking Results

Improved Traffic Safety
Improved Bicycle Lanes & Paths
Better Bike/Ped Crossings
Add Sidewalks Where None Exist
How Long Construction Will Last
Remove Sidewalk Obstructions
Aesthetics and Landscaping

Note: the higher the priority in the list, the higher the average ranking.

Phase I-B Public Involvement

As part of Phase B, alternatives were narrowed to a couple of typical section options for the corridor.  A virtual public meeting was hosted in April 2022 to present the alternatives to be evaluated in more detail and to gather public feedback to further incorporate refinements of the recommended alternatives.  A total of 68 people attended the Phase I-B virtual public meeting and one hundred and six (106) comments were received during the comment period which closed on May 26th.  During the 30-day public comment period, the custom project URL was visited by 363 unique users, and a total of 470 unique page views occurred from April 26th to May 26th, 2022.  The recorded meeting video was viewed a total of 39 times on the NMDOT YouTube channel.

Comments received from all platforms were combined and organized into general themes. A review and analysis of comments indicated that the top categories of public input received fell into the following themes:

  • Bicycle Improvements
  • Landscaping and Road Beautification
  • Pedestrian Improvements
  • Comments not related to this project (not included below)

April 2022 Public Involvement Meeting



Public Meeting #2 – Video Recording (English)
April 26th, 2022

Public Meeting #2 – Presentation (PDF)
April 26th 2022

Comments on Bicycle Improvements

The most popular comments received from the public pertained to the planned bicycle lane improvements. Overall, one hundred six (106) unique comments were received through seventy-six separate submissions, and twenty-eight (28) of them were in some form about bicycle lanes. Of the twenty-eight (28) comments regarding bike lanes, twenty five (25) of those comments were in reference to bicycle lane improvements while three (3) were in opposition of having bike lanes along Cerrillos road at all. Bike lane improvement comments could be generally placed in 4 categories, requests for painted lane separation/thick line separation, barrier separation, preference for multi-use trails along Cerrillos, and more lights for mid-block crossings.

Comments on Landscaping and Road Beautification

Another important subject for commentators was landscaping and road beautification. A total of eleven (11) comments were received and most wanted more vegetation, shade, and road maintenance to remove glass and other objects from the road.

Comments on Pedestrian Improvements

A third highlighted subject from the comments was improved crossing for both pedestrians and bicycles at the Railfan intersection. Ten (10) comments were received calling for better stripping and signalized lighting improvements at that location.


During the Phase IA/B study, comments were received through a variety of methods. The questions and comments received to date were largely supportive of the overall project and were primarily focused on design details, schedule, and construction phasing for the proposed improvements. A comprehensive summary of the key issues and concerns brought forth by the public during both the Phase I-A and Phase I-B public meetings is included in Chapter 4 Public Involvement Electronic Documents.